Cord Dog Beds

Whether you’ve got a brand new puppy, a fit and healthy 5-year-old or a slow and steady old pooch, they’d all love and deserve a cosy, soft and comfortable cord dog bed.

As much love and attention as our dogs like to receive, there comes a point in the day when they need to slink off for a nap, so you need to make sure they get the best bed possible.

Well, by far one of the best way to give your dog that much needed forty winks is by treating them  to one of our cord dog beds.

With their high sides, they make any sized dog feel lovely, safe and snug. The soft material and foam filling are gentle and forgiving, making them easily accessible to even the clumsiest of pups. It also provides that much-needed warmth and cradling for those pups who love that little bit of luxury.

There’s also the removable paw print base cushion, which is big enough for you to remove and use as a comfy mat around the house or in the garden if you’d like the company of your dog in another room.

All of our cord dog beds are also machine washable at 40 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about that frightful dog smell infiltrating your lovely home.