Dog Quilts

If you love your pets just as much as we do here at Avondale Pet Luxury, then you’ll no doubt do anything to make them feel as comfortable around your home.

All dogs require a proper dog bed for them to slink off to at night, which will no doubt be in a designated room, but what about when they want to relax during the day?

Well, this is exactly where dog quilts come in. Thicker and more substantial than what we would consider a quilt, these doggy versions are much closer to a comfy mat, perfect for a pooch who’s perhaps a little worn out after a long walk.

These dog quilts are perfect for dotting around the house, be it in the living room, kitchen, hallway or garden, that way, they won’t get jealous when you’re relaxing on the sofa or at the dining table.

Our dog quilts come in a range of sizes to fit any dog, big or small. We also have a number of great prints for you to choose from, including classic paw prints, Siberian fur and a number of our stunning VW camper van themed prints which feature across all of our products.

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