Snug Fleece Lined Oval Dog Bed 6 Sizes in our Avondale in Classic Check: Brown-Burgundy

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The Snug Oval is the perfect dog bed for your furry friend! It is made with a soft and comfortable fleece lining that will keep your dog warm and cosy all year. The Snug also has a lower front for easy access, so your dog can get in and out of their bed with ease. The Sung comes in various patterns and colours, so you can find the perfect one to match your décor. It is also machine washable, so it is easy to keep clean. Plus, the Snug is made in the UK and has a 3-year warranty, so you can be sure it is a high-quality product that will last.


Extra Small - 17” x 15” (43cm x 38cm) external, 14” x 12” (35cm x 30cm) internal 

Small - 21” x 18” (53cm x 45cm) external, 18” x 15” (45cm x 38cm) internal 

Medium - 24” x 21” (61cm x 53cm) external, 21” x 18” (53cm x 45cm) internal

Large - 27” x 24” (68cm x 61cm) external, 24” x 21” (61cm x 53cm) internal

Extra Large - 32” x 26” (81cm x 66cm) external, 27” x 23” (68cm x 58cm) internal

Extra Extra Large - 36” x 30” (91cm x 76cm) external, 33” x 27” (84cm x 68cm) internal

Pet Luxury Haven Dog Bed Easy Access LogoEasy access: The Haven dog bed has a lower front for easy access, so your dog can get in and out of their bed with ease.

Double Sided Fleece LinedFlexibility: The double-sided Fleece base allows you the flexibility to flip it over if your dog gets it wet or dirty until you get the chance to wash it.

Convenience and Hygiene. This is especially important for dogs with allergies or skin conditions, as it can help to reduce the number of allergens and irritants in their bed.

Comfort, Durability, and Hypoallergenic: Fleece is a soft and plush material that is very comfortable for dogs to lie on. It is also warm and insulating, which can help to keep your dog warm in the winter.


 Getting high-quality products. All our products are handmade and assembled to the highest quality in our Lancashire textile mill.

3 Year Warranty Dog Beds3-year dog bed warranty. We protect all zippers and seams, we are confident in the quality of our products, and we are willing to replace and repair them if they fail within 3 years.

 Keep your bed in one place. Ideal for carpeted or solid floor floors.